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We Are Resistance non-profit organization


Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization based in Sweden, dedicated to helping victims of war through innovative approaches like NFTs. Our focus is currently on supporting those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, striving to make a positive impact on their lives.

Our values are centered around integrity, freedom, and education. We began as an NFT-based project, creating and selling unique digital art to raise funds for our partner organizations. As we grow, we're transitioning into a full-scale, socially responsible organization offering a range of services.

Our NFTs


5 unique characters represent the resistance of the Ukrainian people.

Together our characters have more than 400 unique features.

Zelensky gif.gif
MotherOfUkraine gif.gif
GhostOfKyiv gif.gif

Meet our Artist


Hi, I’m Tetyana. I am a Ukrainian Graphic Designer and Illustrator.


I was born in a small city in the north-west part of Ukraine. I used to travel a lot and study in different places of Europe, bringing something new and fresh to my artworks and into the Ukrainian publishing industry.

Currently, I’m located in Switzerland. I came to visit my friend at the beginning of February and had to stay here for a longer term. I still continue collaborating with the Ukrainian publishing houses, trying to contribute as much as I can. 


I am happy to be a part of this NFT project. I feel that this way I can be helpful to my country. This is one of the 1000 small steps to our victory.

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Holders benefits

Free NFTs

Airdrop of our partner collection by Yazan, as well as free mints from the second collection We Are Resistance - ANIMALS.

You can help!

70% of our NFT revenue goes to the charity organisations. This funds will be used to support victims of the war in Ukraine, also 30% are covering the organisational expenses

Claimable Real World Item

Holders who have managed to collect each of the 5 characters (Tier 3) can claim a real world collectible looking like an NFT. 


Our mission

We want to change the game and make something boring like donations into something fun by:

  • Awesome NFTs

  • Educational and social-development projects

  • Getting access and benefits in the real world

  • Real world claimable collectible items

  • Being part of a great community

  • Token-gated merchandise shop

  • WL/Raffle for upcoming We Are Resistance - Animals collection


We're currently making collaborations with the companies across Europe for merchandise and other cool things. All of this is to bring significant value to the holders of our NFTs.


While helping the civilian population of Ukraine we are all becoming a part of the resistance!

Charity Organizations

To succeed with our mission, we've partnered up with some of the best charity organizations operating in Ukraine.

By being a part of the resistance, you're helping the Ukrainians to restore their freedom, dignity and independence!


Each of our 5 characters is a patron of a certain charity organisation.



TM “Amina” factory has been supporting the civilians affected by bombings as well as the Ukrainian military forces with wheat flour, pasta, and biscuit products.

Mothers Palms

mothers palms.webp

Mother Palms - volunteer organization which provides target assistance to mothers and children affected by war.

Masha Fund


Masha Fund is helping women and children by providing medical support, food as well as evacuation.



Hospitallers - volunteer organization of paramedics who help wounded to the hospitals and help in the rehabilitation process.


Enjoying Life

Enjoying life - is a charitable foundation that supports people of advanced age. Currently,  engaged in the delivery of humanitarian cargo throughout Ukraine, including to hotspots where fierce fighting is taking place. 


MOM plus ME

“MOM plus ME” is a charitable Foundation that works to support orphans and all children of Ukraine, to support them in difficult times, to show them a new world, to discover their abilities, to reveal their talents.

LOGO lets help_CMYK.png

Let’s help

Let’s help is a charity fund, the mission of the fund is to provide decent life to old people in Ukraine. They are dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the old people who were left isolated in hot spots.


Cultural Shock

Cultural shock is an organization of independent artists and people with active civil position, which is focused on the support of military forces of Ukraine.  

Our artists gallery

Have a sneak peek into our artist Tetyana's art. 

Before this project she illustrated a book for kids. 

Here you can also see how the character creation process looked like. 


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