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We Are Resistance NFTs

We Are Resistance NFTs is a collection of 1991 fine art digital collectibles on the Solana blockchain. Each of the We Are Resistance NFTs has been randomly generated from over 400 possible hand drawn character traits, including: hair, skin colour, clothing, face expressions, backgrounds and more. Each NFT from our collection is amazing but some are more rare than others.


The We Are Resistance NFTs are stored as tokens on the Solana blockchain.


The minting price is 2 $SOL. We offer credit card payments for users without previous crypto/NFT experience.

NFTs in numbers

More about our characters

Zelensky gif.gif
GhostOfKyiv gif.gif
MotherOfUkraine gif.gif

Behind every single character of our NFT collection there is a unique story that was inspired by real events from the war in Ukraine. 

1 / Zelenskyy

This character does not need any introduction. This is a man who has stepped up from being an average politician to becoming an important man in the history, a cornerstone of the Ukrainian resistance. To be honest, not many people expected such bravery from him, many thought that he would escape the country when Russia attacked Ukraine but they all were wrong. Zelenskyy stayed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, fighting with his people. In the very beginning of the war, a famous quote was born: ‘’I don’t need a ride, I need an ammunition.’’


Zelenskyy is a crucial part of the resistance because he is communicating not only to the Ukrainian people but also with the people all over Ukraine (in particular, presidents and heads of the Government), calling for help and support of the Ukrainian army. And what is even more important, telling the truth about the war in Ukraine.

For us, We Are Resistance, this man is a patron of strong and brave Ukrainian man who fight for their country, he helps them with the medical and humanitarian aid.

2 / Babusia

You would call your grandmother - ‘Babusia’ if you were a Ukrainian. Traditionally, she has always been a backbone of a Ukrainian family and a reliable source of the delicious warm home-made food and sweets. This is why, she has become a solid part of Resistance since day one of the war in Ukraine.

Babusia has many strong skills and when the war in Ukraine started, she picked up on an absolutely new military manoeuvre when she grabbed a jar of pickled tomatoes and threw it at a drone that was flying by her window. Of course she kept the broken drone as a trophy in her pantry among all her other pickled delicacies. This will be a nice present for her grandchildren when they come to visit her. During the war Babusia also uses her specialized skills in the kitchen to mix up potions that the rest of us know as a Molotov Cocktails.

In our NFT project, Babusia represents all grandmothers and grandfathers who are a vital part of the Ukrainian nation, its culture and history. They tell about the past and keep families together, so that the younger generations could have their future. Babusia will always do everything in her power to support and be a part of the resistance.

3 / Ghost of Kyiv

Kyiv is a capital of Ukraine, a city more than 1500 years old. More than 4 million people lived here before the war. More than two million people left when Russia attacked Ukraine on the 24th February, they were all horrified as Kyiv was one of the main war aims. They expected to conquer the city in three days…Hell, no! The capital has its protectors, its patrons on the land and in the air. A special air brigade was protecting the sky of Kyiv from the first day.


They say that Russians had 6 times more planes than Ukrainians but Russians do not have the Ghost of Kyiv. Our hero is keeping the sky safe over the capital of Ukraine so that people could sleep well and feel safe and protected. Some people collect stamps and he collects the hit Russian planes, some say, he has more than 40 of those.

For us, the Ghost of Kyiv is a patron of the city, helping it people with food and medical supplies as well as supporting those who protect the capital from the Russian invaders.

4 /Mother of Ukraine

The Mother of Ukraine represents all women who are protecting their country in the armed forces as well as those who were forced to leave their homes saving their children. This is one of the strongest characters because the Mother of Ukraine is a great patron and protector of the life and hope of the nation.


She is caring and vulnerable, brave and strong, she was tortured and hurt, but she survived and she keeps strong for her children. Her children are the Ukrainian people living in small and big cities, all standing as part of resistance during the war in Ukraine. The Mother of Ukraine has a big heart, the biggest heart in the whole Universe, it’s full of love and hope.

In our NFT project, the Mother of Ukraine is a patron of displaced women and children, helping them with food and medicine.

5 / Farmer

If you have not been living under a rock for the past several months you know the significance of the farmer in the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian farmer is an absolute hero because he is actually feeding not only his own nation but also a lot of people in many other countries in the world. 

The Ukrainian farmer had to seed the crops in the middle of a raging war under bullets and missiles. If that isn’t brave, we don’t know what is. He could not stand Russian invaders on his fields so he started stealing their tanks and military vehicles bringing fear to his enemies. There are a few memes about the Ukrainian farmer dragging away military ships with his tractor but you might wanna take this with a pinch of salt ;)

For us, We Are Resistance - Farmer stands for food and humanitarian aid for all who need it in these horrible war times.

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