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This is our first project where we help civilians and build the brand. This includes building our online web shop with merchandise and token gated premium items for the NFT holders. Access/items will be determined by your tier as a holder.

We are also producing a surprise real world collectible item looking like an NFT from the collection (details to be announced) for Tier 2 holders that they will be able to claim. They could also hold the NFT unclaimed if they decide so.

2022 - Q3

  • Finalizing collaborations with the Ukrainian charity organizations

  • Finalizing the NFT graphics

  • Applying for Magic Eden launchpad

2022 - Q4

  • Minting of the NFTs

  • Start producing the collectible items

  • Start building the online web shop with merchandise

2023 - Q1

  • Airdrop of our partner collection by Yazan

  • Activate the ability to claim the real-world collectible item

  • Activate the ability to claim the hand signed quality printout poster

  • Set an estimated date for when the merchandise shop will be published

  • Set an estimated date for minting our second project called "We Are Resistance - Animals"

2023 - Q2

  • Work continues on the next project, creating more value for our NFT holders

Upcoming projects


We Are Resistance - Animals
(Second project)

We are already working on the next step, which will be a project aimed at helping homeless animals that have lost their home and their owners due to the war in Ukraine. Our dream is to collect money for the organizations dedicated to looking for new homes for such animals.

In addition, we want to support financially shelters both in Ukraine and Poland.

Real world claimable item will be produced here as well (details to be announced).


We Are Resistance - Stand Again
(Third project)

The third project will be called We Are Resistance - Stand Again. This is a project aimed at supporting those who lost limbs during the war. We will allocate money from the sale of NFTs to the rehabilitation and purchase of prosthesis for people who have permanently lost their health during the attacks.

By this time, we're able to give something quite unique for our holders, that we have been planning ;) (details to be announced)



We Are Resistance - Rebuild

(Fourth project)

The goal of the last project is to support the Ukrainian people in rebuilding their country and more importantly their memories. It’s difficult to imagine how terrifying it is for the people to lose the places which were part of their identity, like: a favorite bakery where they were buying buns every day, the school where they made friends or the playground where their core memories were created.

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